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Zo! - ManMade (CD)

The sophomore release from producer/keyboardist Zo! of The Foreign Exchange’s +FE Music family. Includes appearances from Phonte, Eric Roberson, Sy Smith, Jeanne Jolly, Carmen Rodgers, Anthony David and more.

Produced by Zo! & Phonte
*Produced by Zo!
(Originally Released On May 21, 2013)

01. The Train feat. Sy Smith*
02. Count To Five feat. Gwen Bunn
03. New In Town (Happy) feat. 1-O.A.K. & Carlitta Durand
04. Making Time feat. Phonte & Choklate
05. Tell Me Something New feat. Jeanne Jolly
06. ManMade feat. Phonte
07. We Are On The Move feat. Eric Roberson
08. Show Me The Way feat. Anthony David & Carmen Rodgers
09. For Tina
10. Out In The World feat. Choklate & Phonte
11. Body Rock feat. Sy Smith


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